Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society
Central Pennsylvania's Garden Railway Club

The New SVGS Trailer
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After much discussion, and a vote taken amongst the membership, it was decided the club really could benefit from a larger tailer.  Just above are three quick pictures to give folks a sneak peak at what they will see when they help setup or tear down club events.  Work is underway to build the all important shelving.  As you will see, this trailer is much larger in every direction and should eliminate head injuries.  The old trailer was listed at 6x12 ft. in floor space with a 5'-8' (or so) ceiling.  This new trailer is listed at 7x16 ft. in floor space, has a "v-nose" and as much as a 7 ft. ceiling.  The rear door opening measures 6'-6" so I think all but our most freakishly tall members should be safe.  The new trailer represents over twice the cubic volume and should yield twice as much shelf space allowing for much safer transport of all club property.